I wanna know what it’s like

Hello Everyone!

I have a quick beauty look for you guys today. Since I won’t post ALL the pictures I’ve taken, I’m gonna show some of the shots and then post the rest on instagram like a video like last time ^_^As usual I’m just experimenting with simple easy looks with different makeup products and just kinda fooling around :) Let me show you:
 photo IMG_6690_zps9dapkmrw.jpg
 photo IMG_6695_zpsrvryif1g.jpg
 photo IMG_6674_zpsxyklrxmi.jpg
 photo IMG_6752_zpsqprbxims.jpg
 photo IMG_6772_zpshzccuxkw.jpg
 photo IMG_6785_zpsqpnx2vxc.jpg
 photo IMG_6804_zpspu4lnuta.jpg
 photo IMG_6818_zpsm4bgviw3.jpg
 photo IMG_6784_zpsg4ekxmsl.jpg


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