Surround Yourself With Makeup, Not Negativity

Hello guys!
A few weeks ago my friend and I went for some MAC shopping. My MAC foundation is finished so I needed a new one and also I wanted to try another shade this time since the other one was a little too dark for me. I have two MAC foundations; one is a little too dark and the other one is a little too bright. So now I’m trying out a new one :) Also I got to try out some new MAC lipsticks that I’ll share with you guys in another post ;) I’ve got a few photos from our little shopping trip for now: 
 photo IMG_4729_zpsgbko2dp3.jpg
 photo IMG_4730_zpsssvyhsjw.jpg
 photo IMG_4731_zpsgfsrrbro.jpg
 photo IMG_4732_zpsfkrmomgs.jpg
 photo IMG_4733_zpsu2nizfxc.jpg
 photo IMG_4736_zpskdqqrjv0.jpg
 photo IMG_4739_zpsyljqdyoc.jpg
 photo IMG_4735_zpspxucz817.jpg
Take Care <3 

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