Hello guys! 
This weekend my sister and I went out for dinner after having a hardcore study session at Nelle’s. I’ll share some photos from Nelle’s and also a vlog will be up about Nelle’s and studying and also just the whole weekend soon actually :) 
Anyways, we went out for dinner at Marcello’s in Odense. Aaaaand we really enjoyed the food. First of all I loved the interior of the restaurant. Second of all their appetizers are really good! I enjoyed it so much! And then the burger was good too but not like better than every other café or restaurant where I’ve tried burgers :P I would say I enjoyed the appetizer more than the burger xD I loved the variation in the appetizer :D 
 photo Billede 05-05-2017 18.02.51_zpsgssp0nya.jpg  photo Billede 05-05-201718.02.55_zpsojrwajpf.jpg
 photo Billede 05-05-2017 18.22.57_zpssmgrn9mq.jpg  photo Billede 05-05-2017 18.23.06_zpsmti03maq.jpg
 photo Billede 05-05-2017 18.23.10_zpsu5fefqmt.jpg  photo Billede 05-05-2017 19.55.34_zpsuz3nvffp.jpg

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