Style Check: MySkirt! -_-

I got a black skirt for my last birthday (last year) but I never got to wear it and I’m still trying to figure out HOW to wear it. And it just doesn’t work out with any other pieces I got -_- *sight*. So I kinda just gave up today… I’ll do a style check with this skirt when I get something better for the skirt. I might post some pictures on instagram MAYBE, but not gonna do any style-posts with the photos -_- they are really not worth it :P hehe


Btw I also got to check out a lipstick I’ve had for some time but never really used it :P The lipstick is from Matas “Xmas Calendar”, so nothing special :P  You can see the neck details of my shirt here as well:( Shirt from New Yorker)


(It’s my sis in the background :P hehe)


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