My Lunch

Since the lasts few posts have been about style and shopping, AND the next posts I’m working on is about style I wanted to post something totally random :P so I wanted something healthy to eat and luckily mom had brought pasta & salad from work and it looked delicious!! Have a look yourself:


Mhm… yeah…well honestly… next time I’m gonna do the salad myself -_- this lunch wasn’t really my cup of tea at all… I missed spice and some more taste?! -_- But looking at the bright side; I’ve got some HEALTHY lunch :) (Thinking of it…Maybe I’m just overacting a little…The lunch wasn’t that bad at all, I just missed some more spice ;))
Why is it that I feel like all the bad things tastes way better than all the healthy food -_- it’s so bad. I need to learn to enjoy eating healthy. It’s a process, so I’m gonna take it step by step ;) There’s probably tons of healthy delicious food out there I haven’t experienced yet… so gotta look around and see what else is there of healthy food I like! :) 


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