Shopping Date

Hi guys!
A few days ago we went for shopping. It’s rare that I get to go to the city center since I’m living in Odense M, so it felt good to try something else beside the mall in Odense M :) I’ve got some shots from going to the shopping and a few just from the weekend as well that I wanted to share with you guys today. I’ve made plans the whole weekend and also the next few weekends since I want to try to be better to stay in touch with my friends in the weekends and then be productive and study hard in my weekdays. The semester already started for me, since it is only the master thesis I have to do and my exams ended earlier than usual. So this week I had a meeting and I got my contract approved and I have a few deadlines for next week that I have to do. I’m trying to find a healthier better lifestyle where I study, do my thesis, I blog and youtube, I workout and cook, and then I spend time with family and friends. Let’s see how it goes :P Now to the pictures:


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