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Hello guys! 
I have a quick “haul”-kinda post for you guys since I have done some shopping lately. Most of the things are totally random but I love them all ^_^ I also do have some random shots too since I enjoy fooling around with the camera xD So let’s start off with some silly shots and then get to business: 

 photo IMG_4352_zpsohy4mz3t.jpg

 photo IMG_4353_zpskiwylci2.jpg
 photo IMG_4360_zpsqjthyqlu.jpg
We finally have H&M Home here in the city I live so I had to buy something from there and I decided to buy this beautiful cosy “pink” mug! I love the combination of the light pink color and the golden color! 
Also I got to buy this “sleeping.thing” from H&M as well just for fun. I’m not even sure if I’m going to use it though :P 

 photo IMG_4367_zps1dfwzjob.jpg
So this is usually not my style at all and I don’t know why I suddenly just felt attracted to these but I bought a pencil box and a computer cover in metallic colors and I’m in love! I never thought I would buy these but I actually enjoy using these! They are also from H&M btw :) Let me show you: 

 photo IMG_4368_zps4cbz5vwg.jpg

 photo IMG_4369_zpsi9p5wjop.jpg
I also finally got to buy a deo from Clinique that one of my friends had recommend some months ago. I can’t wait to try this on:
 photo IMG_4370_zpsmliuknlm.jpg
Well well… this is not my book actually. I got to borrow this from a friend of mine. My photography skills are not the best and it’s still something I’m working on but I got to borrow this book so that I can get to know more about photography:
 photo IMG_4375_zpsdynjvz5z.jpg
I’ve talked about this book for the longest time: The Secret. I finally got to buy it! I usually borrow it from my friends and sister and otherwise I listen to it through audible so I never got the chance to buy it until now. I got the 10th anniversary edition:
 photo IMG_4376_zpsupurlqiu.jpg
My skincare products are all most empty and it’s time to try out something new so I decided to go for this Origins moisturizer. It is one I’ve already used twice before and I’ve been loving using it so I decided to go back to this one again:
 photo IMG_4377_zpsgq7fkklr.jpg
While buying the moisturizer I also saw this lip remedy from Origins that I decided to purchase too since my lips are so dry and I really do need some treatment for my lips: 

 photo IMG_4378_zpscx5al4v4.jpg
Also my cleanser is almost empty too so I decided to go with an Origins Face Wash too :D 

 photo IMG_4379_zps85awncwy.jpg
 photo IMG_4384_zpsyxoiicaj.jpg
 photo IMG_4392_zps3wiafzfd.jpg
That’s it for today! I hope you guys are enjoying the weekend! Take Care <3 

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