Preparing & Getting Ready for Civil Wedding

Hello guys! ^_^

About a week ago my friend and I went to our friend’s civil wedding and I got a few shots from the day and the day before where we planned a game for the wedding. The wedding was beautiful and very laid back and the bride and groom looked amazing together! (Congrats Theenu! <3 ^_^ hehe). I didn’t get a picture of the bride and the groom and the photos with our dear bride wasn’t a success since one of has closed our eyes in each picture so this is what I’ve got for you guys:

 photo 2017-03-24 20.02.46_zpsuetekfef.jpg  photo 2017-03-24 19.57.58_zps0yqb073y.jpg

 photo 2017-04-01 22.34.00_zpsbvtinwd0.jpg

 photo 2017-03-25 16.49.21-1_zpsysyddypu.jpg

 photo 2017-03-25 14.23.08-1_zpsys8be0tr.jpg

 photo IMG_4114_1_zpswfgzhjpc.jpg
 photo IMG_4088-2_zpsycqkvgi0.jpg

 photo IMG_4080_zps2b3ifkw8.jpg

 photo IMG_4079_1_zpse0jf9h4w.jpg

 photo IMG_4073_zpsxj6btdzw.jpg

 photo IMG_4075_zpsl8x1dvai.jpg

 photo IMG_4076_zpsx4sda3nu.jpg

 photo IMG_4077_zpsstr9bhwv.jpg

 photo IMG_4107_zpsptnyypan.jpg

 photo IMG_4115_zpsnisyff5r.jpg

 photo Billede 17-04-2017 21.13.28_zpsiochgdvd.jpg
 photo Billede 17-04-2017 21.13.31_zpsiz3fwfwr.jpg

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