No Rain, No Flowers

Hi guys! 
Life is good as always and also stressfull and hectic as always. I mean I do relax a lot but I’m behind with all my to-do’s like I always am *sigh*. I’ve been feeling sick a lot the last two weeks and also before that so my energy-level has been very law. Next week I have to get myself together and finish off everything properly study wise and work wise. I do already have some videos and blog posts ready for you guys for the next few weeks though! :D 
Last weeks challenges was no chocolate, no soda and catch up to-do’s. Catching up with to-do’s didn’t go as planned because of me being sick most of the time :( With that said I feel much better today so now I can get things done! I’m still gonna restrict myself from soda and chocolate and then I want to add fitness to the “challenge list”. I’ve been so bad at going to fitness lately because of… my laziness -.-‘ So next week I want to workout at least 3-4 days hardcore and then I want to study and work everyday from 8 – 18 at uni. I think that should be enough to catch up on everything and be productive but at the same time having time for fitness, cooking and relaxing. :) 

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