Okay guys… I’m still not finished with the layout >_< And I’m going crazy!! I wanted adobe photoshop for years… and I FINALLY got it… I used to use paint.NET for my graphic before… And now when I finally got adobe… I feel like it’s so much more harder to use this program compared to paint.NET O_o I need to experiment and practice a lot to get used to this program xP I’ve tried it before but I’ve only tried trial versions and it was years ago.. it feels like learning to do graphic from the bottom again >_< I’m still happy that I can use adobe photoshop compared to paint.NET BUT I really need to be patient to get to know it a bit more :P I’m gonna try to keep the layout simple until I figure out how to use this program in a better way ^_^

Well… I’m gonna continue updating the site… just had to express myself about how much I’m struggling with photoshop before I get going with the layout and everything xP lol

Take Care!


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