No MakeUp Kinda Day…

Hello guys!

Hope you’re all doing good :-D Today I just wanted to share my basic beauty essentials I’ve used lately: lip balm to moisturize my lips, facial creme for my face and hair protection for straightening my hair. Those 3 beauty essentials are the basic products I use ^_^ I’m almost done with these products so I’ll probably make an updated version very soon after this post ;-)

LipBalm from Sephora: I tell you guys I LOVE this one! I’m almost already finished with it and it just feels so good for my lips!


Moizturizer from Elizabeth Arden! ^_^ This one is very thick and stays for a long time. It definitely keeps my skin hydrated and moisturized! ^_^


HairProtection from Loréal: This one is really good! Love love! I love that it gives my hair some shine! ^_^


Random bareface:




(I’m soon gonna dye my hair black again and probably gonna cut it a little shorter too! ^_^ )




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