Goodbye 2015

Hello Everyone! ^_^

Oh My Goooood..! I actually can’t believe 2015 is almost over.  I just read my old New-Year-Post from last year to figure out if I actually did do my new year’s resolutions ^^” Cause through the year I always tend to forget them. Mostly. :-P But before I start blabbering about that, let me show you guys some moments from 2015:

And also some beauty/fashion looks from 2015:

My TOP 3 resolutions for 2015 was:

  1. Study harder
  2. Stop being a spender! Learn to save money!
  3. Be more healthy

Ok. Uhm.. where should I start?! I did study harder than last year but I don’t really feel like it was enough and I’ve been struggling a lot with my motivation lately (I think you know the feeling)! -_- But at the very end I do whatever I can do to survive xD Did I stop being a spender?? Actually YES! I’m so happy to share this with you guys but I’ve actually changed on that part! I’ve been saving money and I used to eat out all the time but this year: Naah! I did survive without eating out like I used to xD  I didn’t spend my money on clothes and makeup the way I used to either! So I’m HAPPY! :D Oh! And I also got a job so I got some extra money in my pocket! :D I’m actually satisfied with resolution 1 and 2: Studying and my economy. Number 3 though… being healthy…Nah! It didn’t work out well.. -_-‘ It actually helped not eating out and not spending money on unnecessary food so in that way I became a little healthier but that’s kinda it. I did go to fitness once in a while but still wasn’t enough. The health-part will probably be on my “new year resolution” yet again. It has been one of my new year’s resolution for some years now ^_^’

A few other New Year posts are going to be up throughout the day. I have so much I want to share with you guys since a New Year is beginning, so I’ve split it up in a few posts because I have too much to say ^_^” I hope you all had an awesome 2015 and I hope you’re 2016 is going to be AMAZING! <3 Take Care <3 I’ll see you guys very soon in another post throughout the day <3 Mwah <3


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