New SkinCare Products: Biotherm & TheBodyShop

Hello Guys! <3 ^_^

Since my previous products for facial care is finished I’m trying new ones yet again ^_^ This time it’s Biotherm moisturizer,cleanser & toner:

Compared to the previous moisturizer I was using from Elizabeth Arden, this moisturizer is so thin but it keeps your skin hydrated! I thought the thicker the moisturizer the better it will hydrate your skin but I guess I was wrong, cause this moisturizer is really good:


The Cleanser & Toner:





To remove my makeup or when my skin is extra dry I wash my face with coconut oil since I read it’s good for your skin ^_^  I can’t really tell if it’s working or not cause I JUST started using it BUT it does remove my makeup ^_^ ! A review will probably me up in a month or so, when I’ve experimented with it a little bit more.


I’ve also started to use a new serum from TheBodyShop. I dont use it every day but whenever I feel like my skin need to be taken extra care of, I’ll use this before sleep:



In generel serum moisturizes the skin deeper than a moisturizer, so whenever you need to take extra care of your skin, I think it’s good to use ;-) I personally don’t  think serum is a must in your daily beauty routine, but I think it’s good to have though :-)

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