My SkinCare Routine // Night Beauty Routine + Review: KonjacSponge, Loreal, TheBodyShop, Plaisir

The other day when I was gonna get to sleep I got to take pictures of my night skin care routine cause I thought why not share it with you guys. Before I start you have to know that: I’m not saying this is the exact right way to do your skin care routine but just sharing what I do and works for me :D <3 To be honest I used to not taking care of my skin as much as I do today, but I figured out it could be a good idea :P I’ve been doing some research and also been talking with a cosmetologist about skincare and she gave me a few tips and told me some musts so I can maintain good skin.

At the moment I’m mostly using Loreal products for my skin, it might change but it works good for me :P I’m probably gonna try something new after I’ve emptied these products :)

Ok, this is the short version: I start off with washing my face, then I scrub it with a facial puff sponge (more about this one below). Afterwards I’ll be using my cleanser and toner from LOREAL. When that is done I just started using SERUM lately for my face since I’ve read that serum will get deeper into your skin compared to the moisturizer. So after using serum, I’ll put on my moisturizer and I’m done! Oh! I always add some vaseline to my lips so I can make sure that they want be too dry :P And that’s it! Have a look:



Ok guys! This is the sponge I was talking about. A cosmetologist recommend this one for me to scrub my face daily. I don’t have big struggles with my skin but I have my moments where I get some breakouts on my chin and at my cheeks. But the cosmetologist said that this would improve my skin in general and I actually think it does. It also feels good for the skin and it just feels like getting a massage :P Its name is “Konjac Sponge” which you can actually buy online by clicking here.  I just use it to daily scrub my face before sleep. And yeah! In case you are wondering what Konjac is, then it is some sort of a “potato plant” from Asia :) (You can read more about it and how it works on their website: But yeah… it’s totally natural deep cleansing! You can use the sponge up to 6 months btw :D I love it and I feel like it’s a good investment too :) It’s definitely something I wanna keep on doing to maintain my skin!
There are different variety of sponges. I bought the green one which is for normal skin and combined skin as well. This one will absorb bacterias, dirt, oil and clean the pores.

Now to my LOERAL cleanser and toner:


I gotta say both the cleanser and the toner works good for me! :) But again it’s not like I can see a totally big change on my skin  (that would be a little exaggerate to say :P)  but it maintains my skin to look healthy and fresh though!



This serum is from MATAS. And it moisturizes  your skin a little deeper than a moisturizer. Personally I feel like it works but sometimes I get confused cause I also feel like I’m just convincing myself that it works since I used money on it :P But actually no I think serum in general will work better, but I don’t think it’s necessary for me at the moment, so I’m not sure if I wanna buy it again. But if you really need deep moisturizing for your skin, then I would say go for it! :)

Now to my LOÉRAL moisturizers:



I use LOERAL day & night creme, and there is nothing to complain about :P Smells good and feels good on the skin! ;)

I actually really wanna buy an eye-creme but I haven’t got to yet ^_^

For scrub I use this one from TheBodyShop: VITAMIN C MICRODERMABRASION


This one is REALLY good! I can immediately feel the difference in my skin. It feels much more cleaner, healthier and fresh when I got to use this scrub! <3 Love it!! <3 It’s a scrub you can use once a week, but since I’m lazy that doesn’t happen all the time but I’m trying to though :P But it’s definitely one I would recommend! :D

Now to my face after using these products and finishing of my night routine:




I’m sorry about my hair :P But yeah this is how my skin is right now. At times it can be better if I drink a lot of water and when I eat like totally unhealthy it looks a little different :P hahaha! Let’s just put it like that. But yeah usually this is my skin after a good night routine. But guys… there are days where I’m too lazy or exhausted so I just wash my face, remove the makeup and go to sleep :P But I always make sure to remove my makeup if I’ve had makeup on that day though.

Anyways… Take care of your skin too! You won’t regret it and it’s really worth it. I used to not care much but I don’t wanna take it for granted that my skin is alright at the moment cause you never know when it’ll react differently . I really wanna make sure that I can maintain and keep it up!


Good Night Everyone <3 ^_^


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