My “What-To-Wear” Journey

I really need some new pieces of clothing to make my outfit more MEEEEE -_- gosh… I had a hard time to figure out WHAT I wanted to wear -_- And I couldn’t find ANYTHING comfy today!! At the moment I like simple pieces and something loose. I don’t really use all the pieces I have in my closet, so I wanted to try something different. And then I thought why not taking you guys with me on my little “what-to-wear-journey” xD

First of all I wanted to try these two pieces, which I’ve had for a loooong time but I never really used them:

From H&M:



From ASOS:


Ok so let me first say… the piece from H&M didn’t feel good or like “me” -_- so I gave up on that piece -_-



The denim jacket from ASOS looks good… but I didn’t really feel for it either that day:



Not really my thing… didnt feel for it at all… so I decided to try without the jacket… just the Tshirt instead:


But naaah… not that relaxed (I’m hopeless today I know xP hah)

It didnt work out, so I thought why not try a shirt and cardigan instead:


I like it…it’s OK. I miss my other sneakers/canvas, but they are back home -_- so had to use these… It’s not bad but I didn’t feel it.

And then AT LAST I found my outfit:

finalOF1 testfof35 finalOF2 finalOF345

THIS is more like ME today, right now. Comfy, loose, chillin, whatever xD  So after trying out some different pieces, it had to be THIS :D

Thank you for joining my very “interesting” journey ;P







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