My Meditation – Elle, Vogue & InStyle

Hellooooou guys! <3 ^_^

One of my favorite way to relax and release my stress in another way  than trying to do yoga, which obviously haven’t worked for me yet, is looking in magazines!! <3 :P I have a thing for magazines xD I get soooo happy when I get to buy them and I love to just look in them again and again and read the articles. They are really inspiring! <3 And I’m probably not the only one feeling this way :P !  I think the main reason I love these magazines is because they really focus on women being independent and getting success. I didn’t really think of that until I started reading in my Vogue magazine but that is truly inspiring. It’s interesting to know how far people come and HOW they do that and it just shows that we all have our own battles or challenges in life we have to fight for to get somewhere we want to :D Like the quote also says:

Nothing in life worth having comes easy

And then there’s fashion section of course. I love to see all the different variation in fashion and style, and how every designer keeps their style unique and how they do it their own way. 

I got to buy Elle, Vogue and InStyle a week ago. And I’m not finished looking in them at all… But I gotta say for me it’s really worth it. It keeps me inspiring and happy :D <3 I can’t invest my money on magazines every single month but I’ll do it now and then when I can. You need to treat yourself good some times u know :P <3







Anyways guys. Hope you’re all doing good! I have some blogging updates coming up very soon. So there are more to come but I’ve told myself that I need to study FIRST and then UPDATE some more :P I have vacation this week, so I’ve planned to catch up, and if I do that quicker than expected, then I can do some extra blogging as well :D


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