Good Morning People! :D

Good Morning Everyone! :D Just thought of sharing my morning playlist with you guys today and it’s Bridgit Mendler <3 ^_^  This is one of my fave album to wake up to! It feels so good to start of the day with some good music which you probably know yourself :D <3 !

My fave songs from the album would be:

  • Forgot to laugh
  • Top of the world
  • City Lights
  • All I see is gold
  • Love will tell us where to go
  • Blonde
  • Quicksand

Actually “Ready or not” used to be one of my fave too but I think I kinda got too much of the song xD But it’s a good one though :P

The lyrics are pretty awesome! <3 :D Some of my fave parts:

Forgot To Laugh

I got my own life
And you’re just a punch line
If you go, you’re a joke
I forgot to laugh

City Lights

I’m tryna call out in the big city
Just a small voice and no ones listening to me

Oohh tell me where to go
Tell me that you know
Just how bright I glow

Everytime that you think you’ve lost your shine
Just remember nothings brighter
You’re the city lights
Everytime that you fade into the night
Just remember you’re the fire
You’re the city lights


I’m falling in deeper
Can’t be saved
No way out
No way out of your quicksand


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