My Christmas Eve

Hello Everyone! <3 ^_^

I thought it was time to share some Christmas Eve moments with you guys. I dont have a lot of pictures from the day but I do have a few ^_^ We had a very laid back chill christmas this year but I did miss Thannu this Christmas Eve! We are usually celebrating christmas together but this year they went to UK ^^ I hope you all had an amazing christmas! Let me show you some moments from my random christmas:
 photo IMG_5889_zps75wjprxi.jpg
 photo IMG_5892_zpsj0t0fpfo.jpg
 photo IMG_5896_zpsfbiivyzz.jpg
 photo IMG_6062_zps9uw97gio.jpg
 photo IMG_6067_zpssdnj1qv6.jpg
 photo IMG_6075_zpsbgzsxxaw.jpg
 photo IMG_6082_zps0zf5o7wk.jpg
 photo IMG_6084_zpszznhsx0f.jpg
 photo IMG_6085_zpsssdgxsuf.jpg
 photo IMG_6087_zpsdxi5kxzx.jpg
 photo IMG_6089_zpsvikclk6j.jpg

Eating pancakes and green tea for breakfast:
 photo IMG_6092_zps5d1mt0x5.jpg
 photo IMG_6100_zpspggbikxs.jpg
 photo IMG_6101_zpscv1mijxs.jpg


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