My Birthday Look >> Time for something traditional

2014-10-25 17.39.12

“Happy birthday to me… Happy birthday to me…!!”

Hello guys!

As you might have guessed: It was my birthday… Last friday!! :D So I wanted to share with you guys a tamil traditional look: A Saree outfit! XD The saree is very simple, but I really love the saree. I would love another top to the saree but I think this top is okay too :P For the make-up I wanted to go for something typical and nothing extra ordinary: thin eyeliner, red lips and mascara -ish. I’ll show you both my outfit and makeup look AND also the products I’ve used for my look! :D Now let’s get to business! :D

The outfit (I tried to wear it in two ways ^_^)

2014-10-25 22.43.49

2014-10-25 22.45.59

2014-10-25 22.44.20

2014-10-25 22.44.42

2014-10-25 22.45.34

2014-10-25 22.46.20

2014-10-25 22.46.54

2014-10-25 22.47.15

I tell you guys… posing in kinda rainy weather and with the wind is a big struggle xD I was freezing like crazy.. but we all know the lighting is best outside so I forced my sissy to take the photos outside :P hihi (thank you Artthu P)


2014-10-25 17.40.18

Oh! I just tried a Lip Pen from H&M (It’s on the picture below) and I’m in LOOOVe with it! It’s very cheap and comfortable and most importantly I think it looks really good! :D <3

The Products I’ve used:


That’s it for today guys! I have some moments from my birthday that I’ll probably make a post about it or at least post some moments on instagram :D Let’s see! (I’m probably gonna make a few posts about it :P Cause I kinda have a lot to show you guys :D <3)

Take Care <3 :D


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