Fall Look & H&M Shopping!

Hello guys!!

It’s FALL TIME! And it’s kinda time to wear something else than my leather jacket since it’s getting colder :P And since I got infection in my foot because of my new shoes I got to buy some new boots from H&M!! :D And I’m in love with them <3 :D Oh! And then I also got to buy a “cap”. So I wanna share with you my basic fall look outside and the makeup look as well! <3 :D

Let’s go:

My Look:






The jacket is actually not new… It’s my sissy’s! XD She doesn’t use it and I was like “Can I have it?!” And she didn’t mind so why not?! :D I love the color and I love that the jacket is so loose! I have a black winter jacket and guys I can barely breathe in that jacket, so I’m so happy for this one :D !!

03  01

These boots are from H&M and I’m in LOOOVE with these.! They are so comfortable to wear guys! :D And it feels so cozy ^_^ <3  Love Love!!



This hat/cap-thing is very random but I thought it was cozy and cute so I bought it :P hehe (It’s also from H&M)

And now to the make-up & selfies :P I actually have two fall looks: One is kinda bright and very simple and the other one is a little more “heavy”. The first look is just mascara, foundation, nude lips, while the second look is mascara, eyeliner, lipstick AND I filled my eyebrows! :D

2014-10-20 08.12.29

2014-10-20 08.15.39

(SnapChat: Sad Face because it’s monday!! :P)

Second look:

2014-10-21 08.45.18-1

2014-10-21 08.45.06

2014-10-21 08.44.50

Some of the products I’ve been using: (These are for look 1)


The products I’ve been using for my look 1:

  • Mac Foundation
  • Sephora concealer
  • Loreal bronzer
  • Loreal mascara
  • Vaseline
  • CoolCos powder

For my look 2, I just added Loreal eyeliner, ELF eyebrowset and Rimmel lipstick ;)

InstaPosts with great filters xD hehe! here you go:

2014-10-20 23.45.51   2014-10-21 19.39.13 2014-10-21 19.39.50 2014-10-21 19.38.25

I actually didnt get to post all of them on insta cause I thought it would maybe be too much of the same selfie kinda thing?! XD but I dont know… I’ll maybe post some of them later if I feel for it :P Let’s see :P

Okay guys! That’s my fall look at the moment and that’s it for now :D Taataaa! See ya later! <3 :D


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