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Hello guys!

A week ago, I for the first time went to Odense Street Food. I’ve seen a lot of people eat there on Instagram and it always looks delicious and I finally got to try it myself. My friend and I decided to eat at Mr. Phan House and I’m so happy we choose that. The service was amazing and the food was delicious. We bought two different dishes to try out and also we got to taste something extra from there which was very kind of the guy working there. He was so nice! And the food was so good. I’m definitely gonna go back there and try something more. I love a place with good service, good food, and good atmosphere. And I felt it had everything. Loved it.

We asked the guy what to try and he said if we wanted to try something different and experience the food then we should try this dish and then we bought some sweet chili chicken and rice with that. The dish was definitely different but in a good way! I really liked it! There was something really catchy about the taste that I can’t really describe. It tasted really good! Also the chicken was really really good!
 photo Billede 25-10-2017 20.46.00_zpsowvcgafe.jpg
Also we got to try these shown below and I gotta say OMG I need to try these again! The bread is different but good and omg the whole combination of the bread, the meat and salad was just perfect. I loved it. And it was so nice of him to let us try these beside what we ordered. It was just such a great experience! Loved everything about it. And I can’t wait to try these once again: 
 photo Billede 25-10-2017 21.08.58_zpsrfid9q4z.jpg
 photo Billede 25-10-2017 20.43.56_zpsblvckbxw.jpg
 photo Billede 25-10-2017 20.45.01_zpsyxxrnskc.jpg
 photo Billede 25-10-2017 20.43.51_zps32cbrwur.jpg

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