Hello November

Hello guys!

I’m back with yet another casual post. I’ve missed posting casual random posts about where I am, what I’m doing beside outfits and beauty. Don’t get me wrong; I love beauty, fashion and style but I also love to blog about casual everyday kinda stuff that is not that glamorous, like going out to eat or a college day or anything like that. So today since it’s already November I thought I would share some lifelately-pictures and give you a life update.

As always life is good. I’m a little stressed with uni and I’m trying to do my best to keep up with everything. I dont want to sit with all the assignments and project in the last minute so I’m doing my best for that to not happen. Finding a balance between studying and blogging/youtubing is hard lately. I’m not 100 % satisfied with the content I’m making and I’m not 100 % satisfied with my effort at university either right now. At the same time I’m trying to not put too much pressure on myself but I feel like it’s hard to find a balance lately and at the same time be satisfied with the result of what I’m creating.

Studying is a huge part of my life right now and there is not going to happen a lot this month or next month I guess because I want to focus on my studies and on the blog and youtube but we will see how that goes :P The more productive I am in November the more I can relax and enjoy christmas in December, and that is what I’m working for right now :P Now to some random life-posts:

 photo Billede 20-10-2017 22.53.05_zpslizuaba0.jpg
 photo Billede 25-10-2017 12.44.00_zpsaalv54lq.jpg
 photo Billede 21-10-2017 21.02.48_zpshqoeysnv.jpg
 photo Billede 21-10-2017 19.47.09_zpscdan7ybo.jpg
Mom cookin vegetarian food:
 photo Billede 19-10-2017 12.17.47_zps0f87ynfj.jpg
 photo Billede 20-10-2017 22.50.39_zpso1rhdypo.jpg
At my friend’s place:
 photo Billede 25-10-2017 13.30.51 1_zpsah3em9e6.jpg
Went to see Thor – Ragnarok:
 photo Billede 26-10-2017 18.45.50_zpslb7h8m4q.jpg
 photo Billede 26-10-2017 18.45.59_zpst42xjbwu.jpg
 photo Billede 01-11-2017 08.51.25_zpsufxmmuaf.jpg
 photo Billede 21-10-2017 16.22.00_zpszi6jd1sw.jpg
 photo Billede 28-10-2017 21.30.40_zpsvfbmj14e.jpg

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