Motivation & Inspiration: My Pinterest Boards & Tumblr

I’ve been a lot on Pinterest lately just to do some random research and get some inspiration and get motivated for my goals and wishes in life. It’s always good when you can imagine and SEE what you want in pictures (or that’s personally how I feel :P). It always helps me keep going with everything I love doing in life no matter how stressful or difficult life might be at times ^_^ You can find fashion and style related boards, and otherwise also a lot of motivating quotes, healthy lifestyle tips, beauty related stuff and a lot more. I just collect anything I think is interesting and whenever I need motivation and inspiration I’ll go have a look to get an idea of what I like and want. It gives me a new energy boost at times when I need it! :)

Visit MyCafe101’s profile on Pinterest.

Another tool I use very often is my tumblr <3 :D It’s definitely motivating AND inspiring for me. Have a look ^_^





Anyways guys I hope it can motivate and inspire you guys too ^_^ That’s it for now. Take care <3 ^_^


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