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2014-01-29 14.48.05-1
I thought I would do a motivational post today since I just started working on a new collage for my new apartment. I love having pictures around me which reminds me of my goals, what I want to pursue and who I wanna be and who I am. I think it’s one of the best ways to keep yourself motivated and inspired.. for me it it because of several reasons ^_^

  • First of all; You have IMAGES of WHAT you want, which gives you that extra boost to go for your goals :D
  • Another thing collages helps me with personally is to see the beauty in the most simple things, and it makes life more colorful and interesting for me. When you start appreciating even the smallest thing, life get’s so much more beautiful, and I don’t wanna miss out on that.
  • Another reason why I’m into doing “motivation walls” or “motivational collages” is because  your surrounding is very important. Ok this might sound a little weird but it’s like: to have a positive life you need to have positive people around you. It’s kinda the same with the collages. I’m using so much time in my room back home, and I’m gonna use a lot of time at my apartment (since I’m living there xP), so it’s important that the place is neat, motivational, inspiring and comfortable to be in.

This is not the first time I’ve made collages. I’ve got some pictures of my room and motivation wall back home =D Have a look:

02 - Room with picturewall
This is my room back home. I’ve changed it a little bit. I use the light in a different way and I got some new nightstands ^_^But otherwise it’s quite the same. I’ve changed the frames too :P

But let’s have a close-up of the motivation collages. I’ve got two. One beside the window, and another one beside my desk. This one is beside my desk:
I’ve actually added some more pictures, but don’t have a picture of the “updated” version :P

And this is a close-up of the one beside the window:

And of course… you have to see the process :P Here you go:PMW (10)
I didn’t get to use ALL the pictures I printed out, cause I had too many :P But it was fun, and it helps me keep going in general, having a good lifestyle, being positive, being strong, and doing the things I love like blogging :)

That’s it for now. I’ll show you the result of the new collage when I’m done with it and have the camera with me :P

(I’m sorry for the quality of the photos… still struggling with it -_-)


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