Mother’s Street Food

Hello guys! ^_^
So..heh.. about a month ago or so.. xD Yeah well I’m still behind with the blogposts :P But anyways my friend and I went out to eat at Mother’s Street Food in Odense! It’s such a cosy place to eat and I’ve been there twice and I love the food. You do get a lot though. I couldn’t finish it all up ^_^” But it’s good! 
Let me show you: 
 photo IMG_4699_zpslodmlz5n.jpg
 photo IMG_4686_zpsd3xvlwsr.jpg

 photo IMG_4688_zpsaav2evkr.jpg

 photo IMG_4689_zpsaylzoavs.jpg

 photo IMG_4696_zpsiawyfsbn.jpg

 photo IMG_4702_zpsg38oyjqe.jpg

 photo IMG_4705_zpsskb9qggp.jpg

 photo IMG_4706_zpsruglusjx.jpg

 photo IMG_4711_zpswsmfkli8.jpg

 photo IMG_4720_zpsv5w9zhnx.jpg

 photo IMG_4725_zpsufdcidkv.jpg

 photo IMG_4726_zpsnnejykg1.jpg
 photo IMG_4713_zps1tq8ldkj.jpg

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