It’s Your Choice

Ten years from now… I’ve probably finished my studies. I’ve probably gotten a job. I might have a family. I might still blog… I mean that is the plan. I might still have this blogging journey of mine where I share whatever I like ten years from now. Today it is beauty and fashion. In ten years it might be family and cooking. Or I might have turned into a software engineering geek that only wants to talk programming. I hope not… But I do wonder… Maybe I’m not doing anything that has anything to do with my studies. Maybe I don’t live here. I might have moved to another country. US, I hope. Or UK maybe. Maybe I have lost a few friends on my path. Or maybe I gained a few friends along the way. Maybe nothing has changed 10 years from now, because I decided not to change anything.

I could just run away today. Run away from everything. Drop everything. Change everything about my life and me. But maybe… I just like things the way they are…

It’s funny, right? How we decide ourselves how our lives should be. We can actually do anything we want to and create our lives our own way. Our lives are the way they are because of our choices We can actually change it whenever we want and however we want. We just have to decide. We have to choose. We have to make the changes ourselves. In the end… It’s all up to you; how your life should be.
It Is Your Choice. 

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