March Goals

Hello guys!

It’s actually only one month since uni started but I feel like I’ve been going to uni for five months or something already. I’ve learned a lot in a short time and I got to study a lot this month. I’m still working towards a healthier lifestyle and it’s getting better and better for everyday. My three goals for last month was studying hard so I wasn’t behind, working out at least 2-3 times a week and blogging and youtube consistently. I somehow managed to do all three of it properly. I do have to change the schedule for blogging and youtube though since it doesn’t match my uni schedule that well. But I’ve been working out and studying hard. And also I’ve been working a lot on the blog and youtube “behind the scene”. I haven’t posted much and shared a lot but I have a lot of new content on its way! :)

The goals are pretty much the same this month but there are a few new ones too. Of course I want to keep on working out 2-3 times a week, study hard and update the blog and youtube consistently. 3 other goals for March are:
– Saving money!
– Finish reading a book!
– Improve the blog and youtube!

As I’ve mentioned before I’m a spender. I love spending money but lately I’ve been more responsible. I dont eat out a lot as usual and if I do I try to keep it not that expensive. I want to save money for summer and just in general save up some money.
I want to finish off reading at least one book this month. I want to be more fast with finishing off my books so I can read a lot more.
I then also want to improve the blog and youtube. With that I mean the quality of the content, photos and video editing skills. I’m working on improving all the skills so the quality will be better.

February Shots:

 photo IMG_4596_zpsfwcwmvh2.jpg
 photo IMG_4453_zpsjk8hieeo.jpg
 photo IMG_4352_zpsr07noxyh.jpg
 photo IMG_4308_zpsytq4ctfk.jpg
 photo IMG_3864_1_zpss0ntwxjp.jpg
 photo IMG_3863_1_zpsabbbj9to.jpg
 photo IMG_3860_1_zpsqbuzfuwh.jpg



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