Light Show in Odense Zoo

Hello guys!
A few weeks ago I was to a light show in Odense Zoo. It was beautiful. Since it was at night you don’t get to see much of the animals but there’s still a chance to see them. I loved the light show. It gave the zoo a whole another atmosphere. Since the leaves are fallen from the trees, the light on the trees was so beautiful and it was all most magical to walk around there. I tried to capture the lighting but it wasn’t a huge success, but let me show you anyway: 
 photo IMG_3294_zpsxz3cvuj7.jpg
 photo IMG_3350_zpsbf2gwh1o.jpg
 photo IMG_3352_zpspvhlhwav.jpg
 photo IMG_3370_zpso7rrjn88.jpg
 photo IMG_3375_zps5ylfvrzr.jpg
 photo IMG_3381_zpsjc5bmewa.jpg
 photo IMG_3383_zpssqkrn75f.jpg
 photo IMG_3296_zpsy6eeyhgc.jpg
 photo IMG_3330_zpsy2gacj3h.jpg
 photo IMG_3339_zpscaez1dfu.jpg
 photo IMG_3385_zps3ryuufnk.jpg

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