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There have been this huge “trend” with bulletjournaling for quite some time now and whenever I watch videos on youtube about bulletjournaling I always felt like trying it out but then I hold back because I’m not that creative as them on youtube (they are amazing btw!) :P But this new year I’ve decided to do bulletjournaling anyways. I just realized I dont need to be all creative and good at drawing or have a beautiful handwriting :P It’s just a personalized journal where you can write, organize, schedule, plan whatever you want to. It is so perfect for me since I have a bunch of lists and notes everywhere around my home with to-do’s, goals, wish lists and so on. With the bulletjournal I can put all these lists in one journal and keep track of everything in one place!

 I started this in January and I’ve been enjoying it everyday ever since! It motivates be to stay on track with my to-do’s and to change my lifestyle and organize and brainstorm and keep everything organized in general. It also challenges me to be a little creative which I enjoy a lot! Today I just want to share “snippets” of the bulletjournal and once I’m getting better at this then I will share some more about it.

So I mainly use my bullet journal for monthly, weekly and daily spreads and to-do’s. Then I have a habit tracker that contains healthy eating, cooking, reading, studying, updating blog and youtube, meditating, journaling and a lot more. So I try to keep track of all the things I want to do daily. I also have a budget – page to keep track on my spendings. Otherwise I have been brainstorming for the youtube channel and the blog. I have also written my study plans for each exams and to-do’s and planning for each exam. So as you can tell you can do so so much with a bulletjournal. This is what I’ve done so far. Now I have some random pictures and snippets of what I do:

Daily spread: To-Do, What I’ve been Eating, Health and Life related to do’s such as meditation, water, journal etc. then I will note what was the best thing of the day and what I’m grateful for:

 photo IMG_3127_zpsvvz5btwx.jpg
 photo IMG_3128_zps9jbetzqi.jpg
Habit Tracker:
 photo Billede 06-01-2018 11.25.18_zps6zviibcd.jpg
Practicing doodling:
 photo IMG_3129_zpsamshzccm.jpg
Morning Routine:
 photo IMG_3130_zpsdxademgj.jpg
Studyplan for each exam:
 photo Billede 06-01-2018 11.25.10_zpseivsaljv.jpg
Weekly spread:
 photo Billede 06-01-2018 11.28.15_zps1imjhqjr.jpg
 photo IMG_3131_zpspi3o1vdt.jpg
StudyPlan once again:
 photo IMG_3134_zpsjehgoely.jpg
Bulletjournaling has definitely helped me keep track on everything I have to do and want to do and also it has been motivating me to do better in general so I would definitely recommend you guys to try it out! I know it doesn’t look all pretty and fancy but I hope to be better at it one day :) 
Take Care! <3 

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