LifeUpdate: UniLife

Hello Everyone!

Ok first let me apologize for not updating properly -_- It’s not that I dont want to but I haven’t really been able to. The last few weeks have been hectic and I finally have TIIIME now! ^_^ <3

Life is going well with studies and hanging around with friends. It feels good to start at uni again. I just need to get into the routine and I am working on it ;) Anyways let’s get to some random moments ^_^

My Beauty Essentials for today:

2015-09-21 12.21.45

(Reviews will be up soon!)

And my look:

2015-09-21 12.23.44


Selfiiiie as always:

2015-09-19 15.35.17-1



2015-09-17 14.30.02

2015-09-14 11.53.23

2015-09-17 13.11.49

2015-09-13 19.15.49

2015-09-15 17.03.46




2015-09-16 18.30.42

2015-09-08 12.53.38

My Look by Clarity Bride DK (I didn’t get to post it in the wedding post, since I didn’t want too much selfie on that post, so here you go ^_^) 2015-09-14 19.02.25

2015-09-14 18.59.27

2015-09-14 18.59.00

I hope you’re all doing good! ^_^ Take Care!



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