LifeUpdate: My December!

OMG! This month has been CRAAAAAZY! :D Like I was literally living at uni BUT I also got to do a lot of other stuff in my study breaks as well! I didn’t realize that until I saw all the pictures I’ve taken through the month :D So guys my SemesterProject is handed in and it’s finally christmas break BUT I have to prepare for the exams this January so I dont really feel like I have christmas break  :P BUT I’ll make sure to enjoy it anyways XD It feels like a relief that we are done with the project so I’m kinda looking forward for the exams in some sort of way :P I’m nervous too though ^^”

But guys let me be honest… I haven’t studied THIS hard and been this hardworking ever this whole semester like this month and I actually managed to shop, chill with friends and have some christmas coziness at the same time! I’m surprised XD I hope I can stay motivated and study harder next semester xP hehe *not sure if that’s ever gonna happen but let’s see*

Anyways let me show you my December moments:

2014-12-03 15.01.12

2014-12-03 16.16.50

2014-12-02 17.13.46

OMG! These donuts are so AMAZING:

2014-12-03 16.47.45

IKEA with friends:

2014-12-03 18.18.44

2014-12-04 14.52.05

2014-12-06 21.46.45

Selfie before or after Uni (Don’t really remember) :P

2014-12-08 15.33.39

Starbucks at Uni while studying:

2014-12-08 18.20.43

This is definitely snapchat:

2014-12-08 18.28.16

Snapchat from friend xD Here you go:

2014-12-08 22.44.03

Watching  The Hobbits while studying XD

2014-12-09 18.37.15

Jebi trying out a new hat XD

2014-12-12 17.59.46-1

All Nighter at uni: (trust me there were a lot of these the last two weeks X_X)

2014-12-12 19.53.20

Hardcore programming :P

2014-12-13 13.22.23-1 2014-12-13 13.23.51

Eating out with Thuva:

2014-12-13 20.21.17

MAC nail polish from Delany:

2014-12-14 13.52.44

Studying home:

2014-12-14 15.38.57

Eating and watching PLL:

2014-12-14 15.45.58

2014-12-14 15.46.01

At Uni:

2014-12-15 23.14.41

2014-12-16 00.28.32

Studybreak: Shopping:

2014-12-16 18.40.45

Studybreak: Eating out:

2014-12-16 19.07.50

2014-12-16 19.09.27

2014-12-16 19.40.40

2014-12-16 20.49.56

2014-12-16 20.49.59

2014-12-16 20.50.15

2014-12-16 20.50.43

Back to uni:

2014-12-17 16.55.52

StudyBreak: Xmas Shopping yet again:

2014-12-17 18.13.44

Semesterproject, last day:

2014-12-19 04.13.14

Hot choco before heading back home to my parents <3 :

2014-12-20 11.54.47

OMG! My Sister got her drivers license!! XD

2014-12-21 15.33.08-2

2014-12-21 15.33.14

Quality time with sister:

2014-12-21 16.58.32

2014-12-21 17.13.26

Shopping with sister: (I dont know xP)

2014-12-21 18.18.34

2014-12-21 18.18.38

2014-12-21 18.18.41


2014-12-22 16.08.16Skype with a friend <3




Chilling with a friend after a long christmas shopping day! :D We watched a Bollywood movie and ate junk XD Cooozy!





SAMSUNG CSC 2014-12-22 22.45.50

These guys are so unbelievably AWESOME! XD hahah!

Some serious selfie struggle:

2014-12-22 23.37.47

This month has been INCREDIBLE and the best part is that this month is still not over! :D Loooove Christmas <3 :D

Take Care! <3


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