Life Update # Back To Uni # Hello September

The vacation is sadly over and I just started at the university AGAIN after a loooong vacation ^_^ I’m actually excited and I hope this semester is gonna be a blast. But I do know that the semester is gonna be a lot more harder and it’s gonna demand a lot from me, but I feel motivated to take the challenge :D Soooo yeah I’m looking forward to this semester! :D

Anyways the summer vacation has been really good. I didnt do anything totally special but I got to relax a lot and I got to read some programming as well. It has been quite a productive vacation but I also did get to hang with my friends a lot which felt SOOO good! <3 ^_^

I have been working on some blogging posts lately but haven’t got to post it yet but they’ll be up as soon as possible :D

Instagram Lately:

Take Care Guys! <3 ^_^


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