Hello everyone!

Omg.. this weekend has been crazy! After having a hectic week with assignments, being sick and also turning 25, which btw means your friends are allowed to throw cinnamon at you unless you are married (A danish tradition I think), I finally got to have some fun! We arranged a small birthday party for the friends of mine who lives in this city and I had the time of my life! It was so much fun. Delany arranged everything decoration wise and dessert and cake wise and I tell you guys: I couldn’t be more happy. It was all so “pinterest-ish” and I was so surprised that it turned out that well, because I just told her what I liked and what I wanted and she just made everything come true! (THANK YOU DELANY <3)

I am so grateful for everyone who came to celebrate and they all made the day AMAZING! Every single one of them. (Love you all! <3). *I feel blessed* ^_^ <3 I have a bunch of photos for you guys:

 photo DSC09840_zpsq7mjtoye.jpg

 photo DSC09846_zpsrfzfffxg.jpg

 photo DSC00006_zpstmpxuvwl.jpg

 photo DSC00011_zpskipx5udz.jpg

 photo DSC00014_zps7vpuq47f.jpg

 photo DSC00035_zpsmvh4qykk.jpg

 photo DSC00076_zpsjx5lt0vf.jpg

 photo IMG_9364_zpsmhumc4c1.jpg

 photo DSC00090_zps11uibuwf.jpg

 photo DSC00099_zps2zcrvdtp.jpg

 photo DSC00119_zpsiggugyox.jpg

 photo IMG_9327_zps8sjwujhh.jpg

 photo IMG_9313_zpsyx9vgjuk.jpg

 photo IMG_9334_zpsolsjq5hm.jpg

 photo IMG_9335_zpsauokjbab.jpg

 photo IMG_9336_zpsd504fmni.jpg

 photo IMG_9342_zpsyecgnolu.jpg

 photo IMG_9351_zpsrxioxrru.jpg

 photo IMG_9354_zpszgjlq5tw.jpg

 photo IMG_9364_zpsmhumc4c1.jpg

 photo IMG_9367_zpsgfikakwz.jpg

 photo IMG_9408_zpswz95m2fq.jpg

 photo IMG_9411_zpsb9uwzxd9.jpg

 photo IMG_9421_zps2mncmu2u.jpg

 photo IMG_9426_zps3vreutuh.jpg

 photo IMG_9429_zpszrlipdnd.jpg

 photo IMG_9432_zpsqojlbwk0.jpg

 photo IMG_9435_zpsencts1m1.jpg 

 photo IMG_9449_zpskbyxaaa6.jpg

 photo IMG_9454_zpsda5nf2a5.jpg

 photo IMG_9457_zps8psrqz3g.jpg

 photo IMG_9463_zpsnkkzpfer.jpg

 photo IMG_9500_zps7x7k2pqu.jpg

 photo IMG_9501_zpswshznu3j.jpg

 photo IMG_9510_zpsxsvdfkfa.jpg

 photo IMG_9512_zps6czecvpy.jpg

 photo IMG_9516_zpse9qogbtn.jpg 
  photo IMG_9520_zpshn6vn1ug.jpg

 photo IMG_9522_zpsweuxqyur.jpg

I had an amazing day with amazing company! It has been one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had ^_^ <3

Now I’ll have to go back to my normal uni-life. This week is all about: work. I’m behind with my work after all, so this week, I need to catch up on some work-stuff. I will probably be uploading a video and a few posts while working :) Take Care <3


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