Life lately.

Hi guys!
So it has been over two weeks since I’ve been updating the blog and youtube. I took a short break. I also did take a few days off from social media as well (3-4 days or something I guess), but I’m back now. I’m trying to find out a good routine due to the circumstances at the moment and there are days where my routine is really good and there are days where it’s just.. meeeh…. I’ve been enjoying staying at my parents’ place while working from home in this corona-time. Work is a huge part of my everyday lately, so my days have been working all most all day, getting some fresh air and then sleep. And then repeat.
Life is good. I’m just grateful to be healthy, alive, having loved ones around me who also are healthy and good and also I’m grateful to have a home, food and a bed to sleep in. So life is good. I feel blessed. I’m trying my best to get the best out of this time even though it can be tough at times of course.

I’ve been enjoying going for walks, bike rides with Thannu, watching the sunset, eating mom’s home cooked meals, spending time with my family, taking random photos and yeah the list could go on: I tried painting and drawing again. I started cooking and baking a little. So yeah I’m trying to make the best out of this social distancing periode.

But yeah guys I just wanted to let you know that I’m still here and I am working on new blogposts and youtube videos as well. I asked you guys on Instagram what you guys wanted to see. Mostly you guys preferred youtube videos which I was a little surprised about but I love making them so I’ll definitely focus on that too! Also a lot of you guys mentioned beauty/makeup and cooking related content when I asked for suggestions so I’m going to focus more on that. Just to put it out there to let you guys know and also for myself I made a list of the suggestions you gave me:
– Food/cooking/food challenges/tamil food cooking
– Vlogs, day in my life, everyday life, routines
– Chit Chat/Real Talk-videos
– Challenges
– Makeup (+ K-beauty) -videos
– Career Talk

Now my life in pictures:

This is pretty much my life at the moment beside working guys. A lot of hot cup of tea, lemon water and hot chocolate, going for walks or bike rides, enjoying nature, watching the sunset and playing with makeup (and taking selfies). :P


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