Life Happened…?

Ok. Where have I been and what just happened? -_- I haven’t updated for a month now! -_- I have been busy with school, life, friends etc. and especially the exams! -_- But I’m back now and no I’m still not finished with the exams :'( I still got one more left before vacation! BUT I do have time to update now :D

I needed a change for the blog to get myself motivated so as you might have noticed… I’ve now got a header and some other  small layout changes :P It’s not a totally huge difference but it’s better than no update right? :P I actually wanted to change the whole theme/layout but I couldn’t find anything I felt for, so I’m gonna wait till I find the right one for my blog ^_^

Anyways guys.. I’ll be working on new content and they’ll be up very soon.! :D

Even though I haven’t been updating my blog: I’ve been on tumblr like craaaazy! Just to motivate myself and keep myself inspired as mush as I could even though there were exams and school stress: MyCafe101 Tumblr. Have a look:

01 02 03

My life in pictures through instagram & heartestimated tumblr:

I’m gonna work on some more blogging stuff so gotta get going :D ! Take care everyone <3 :D



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