JP Cooper Concert

Hello guys!

I think I’ve told you this before but in case I didn’t then let me tell you once again. I’ve never really been to concerts in my life. Two years ago I went to the first concert in UK with my friends. It was an A.R Rahman concert, who is a big Indian composer, producer, singer, songwriter etc. Beside that concert I’ve never been to any until now. I got tickets for the JP Cooper Concert as a birthday gift and it was just AMAZING. I love JP Cooper’s songs and he is amazing live. His voice is just amazing and I love love love his songs and also his personality at the concert was amazing as well. It was an incredible experience and I found some new favorite songs of his now. My all time favorite songs are “We were raised under grey skies”, “she’s on my mind” and “September Song” of course. But I got some new favorites like “closer” “good friend” and “in the silence”. Love his music and it was just an incredible experience.

Rhys Lewis was the singer who warmed up for JP Cooper and I loved his songs too. I’ve never heard his songs until now and I love his voice and his music and again he was also very good live!

I’ve got to take some pictures that I want to share with you guys:


 photo Billede 30-10-2017 21.33.21_zpsy0knnrmy.jpg
 photo Billede 30-10-2017 22.06.25_zpsgjdsmfpd.jpg
 photo Billede 30-10-2017 21.15.54_zpswcstanrv.jpg
 photo Billede 30-10-2017 21.09.10_zpsrhkgnpwy.jpg
 photo Billede 30-10-2017 20.20.14_zpskvnmkbrf.jpg
 photo Billede 30-10-2017 20.08.54_zps51lkbroa.jpg
 photo Billede 30-10-2017 20.00.12_zpsaun8wpsv.jpg

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