I don’t have it all

Hello guys!
I haven’t been blogging for a little while. I’ve been stuck with editing pictures, taking pictures and editing videos but I’m back now! I thought I would share my thought on the quarantine. As you guys know I just started back at work one week ago and I got to realize how beneficial this quarantine has been for me. I realized family is important and I really enjoyed spending time with my family without any plans due to the circumstances. I realized once again that I have so much to be grateful for. Just having a home, a healthy family, being healthy myself, having food on the table and have a bed to sleep in is such a privilege that we shouldn’t take for granted. The main thing I was really working on and realizing was gratitude and all the blessing I have in my life. I realized I don’t need much to feel peace and happiness anymore as I once felt like. I always thought I have to achieve something big and be something big to feel happy or good enough but that’s not the case anymore. I get excited just to see the sunset and watch the sky and just walking around in nature makes me happy, grateful and fulfilled and I kinda found peace within myself. I feel like the outside things like education, job, status or whatever is just distractions from how we are actually feeling and what we are actually dealing with inside ourselves. I’m also talking about blogging and youtube for that matter. Sometimes it ends up being more of a distraction from life than me enjoying it. Don’t get me wrong: blogging and youtube does make me happy and helps me focus on good things but sometimes I tend to use it to distract myself from life too. It’s both bad and good you know…

I guess I realized that I might not have it all. I know I dont. But I’m cool with that. I dont want to “have it all” anymore. I just want to stay in the moment and enjoy every single piece of life. I guess this quarantine made me realize what really makes me peaceful and happy or just what really matters to me. And you know I just realized also that the journey matters and not just the destination. I’ve read that quote about the journey is more important or valuable than the destination so many times but I think I just like truly understood the meaning of it now I guess :P

Meditation is such a big part of my life now which also makes me reflect more on me and my life. I spend time enjoying nature way more than usual which also makes me wonder. I try my best to speak positively. I mean I have my bad days where it doesn’t happen but for the most part I try to. I take time for myself to heal and to feel good. I try to take care of myself and be more aware of how I’m treating myself. It’s such a beautiful thing to do: to take care of yourself and prioritize your needs. No one is going to do this for you and no one is going to give you peace and happiness. You have to give it to yourself and take care of yourself. And when you start taking care of yourself; you’ll get that taste of pure happiness and peace. It’s beautiful. And I just got a taste of that and I’m enjoying it. Now I’m working on keeping it and embracing me and my life as it is. And you know just trying to flow with it…

Outfit Details:
Coat: ZARA // T-shirt: Pieces // Pants: Zalando // Boots: Asos


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