Back To Reality

Hello guys!
I thought it was time for a quick life update today. I’m packing all of my things to get back to our own place. I’ve been here at my parents’ place for one and a half month or so. It has been so good and I kinda feel sad to go back actually. Living in Odense for 6 years, I thought it would be tough to stay home, back at my parents’ place since I’m used to having my own place but I’ve really had an amazing time here. Despite the whole corona situation, staying home with family has really been good for me. I feel so blessed and grateful to have a home, family, place to stay, our health, everything. With that said I guess I’m ready to get back to my real life again. I feel like I adjusted very well to working from home and now I have to find a new or the old routine again. But I think it’s gonna be good for me! And I guess it’s time to get out and be a little social with distance of course :P It’s gonna be good to get back to work again and see the others at work! Also I’m excited to get back and work on getting my life more together and work on myself. Staying at my parents place was exactly what I needed and now I think I’m ready to get going with life :P


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