Hello Autumn

Hello guys!

I love autumn. It’s cosy, peaceful and beautiful. Also it’s October which means my birthday month (heh) so of course I love autumn xD This month is all most fully packed with studies, youtube and blogging ideas and plans! I hope I can make it work.

The goals for October, this fall is to…
– Workout at least 3-4 times a week
– Eat healthier as usual: more fruits and veggies. No soda and chocolate no more! And less eating out!
– Study smart and catch up on all the courses (I’m a little behind since I’ve been sick the last two weeks) and get started with the iOS project implementation
– Save money: No shopping unless it’s really nessesary
– Try out some fall recipes and drinks
– Do a fall photoshoot
– Improve photography skills: Experiment with the new lens and improve instaFeed
– Improve my programming skills: Do more on the java course I’m taking and repeat iOS lectures

Since my goals are almost the same every day, every month and every year I’ve tried to be a little bit more specific of what I want to do this month on each goals, so let’s see if I can keep up with the goals!



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