Hello April!

Hello guys!

I’m saying this all most every single month but I can’t believe we are already in April. I’m saying this because that means I have a bunch of deadlines coming up next month at uni and exams are coming up soon too. Exams periodes are so hectic and I feel like I JUST got over the exams from last semester… so that kinda sucks -.-‘

We are already four months into 2018 and I’ve been focusing a lot on mindfullness and lifestyle lately. I’ve been eating kinda healthy. I’ve been drinking a lot of smoothies which you might have noticed if you follow us on Instagram :P Also I’ve been working out a little bit more. I’m trying to find a good balance between social life, uni life and the blogging/youtube life and I feel like I’m improving a little. I’ve prepared a few blogposts and a video already so it feels good.

Lately every month I share a goal list on the blog and I’m going to do it this month too but I think I have to be more specific about what I want to achieve this month, cause I feel like I’m writing the same goals over and over again :P So let’s try:

1. Working out at least 3 times a week

2. Meditate twice everyday (I usually meditate once)

3. Read the Bible: I just started reading the bible after finishing “Get Your Sh*t Together” and since reading the Bible isn’t that easy for me because of the language and the poetic way of writing I don’t think I will be finished within a month so the goal is here to read slowly but understanding what I’m reading properly. What I’m saying is that I want to understand and not just get through the Bible :)

4. Try to cook something different at least four times this month (I’ve already cooked something new once this month! So here we go!)

5. After class, study at least for two hours everyday: I dont feel like I’m studying enough lately so let me see if I can keep up with this goal and study two hours everyday after class. In general I just want to study from 8-16 and then stop. After 16 or 17 I want to workout, cook, read and relax.

Those are my goals for this month! I hope I can achieve it! 
Last month my goals were:
– Saving money!
– Finish reading a book!
– Improve the blog and youtube!
I did finish off reading a book. I also did learn new cool things about photo and video editing and I got to experiment a lot with youtube and blogging. Saving money didn’t go as planned. I had three birthdays and one of my friends just got a baby boy, so it was kind of an expensive month and it couldn’t really be any different. So I didn’t get to save a lot of money last month but I did save some ;) I will try to save more this month :P
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