Goodbye August..

Hello guys!
August is over and I’m looking forward for a new month. August month has been good. I’ve had a lot of time for myself, I had to work a lot, I’ve been working out and reading books and just chilling and figuring out what I wanna do with our blog and we’ve done  some research as well. We have a lot of new posts for you guys and we are trying to structure the blog content a little bit more. We are working on some review-posts and they will be up throughout September! We can’t wait to share with you guys <3 
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I dont feel like I’ve like written a random life-update-post for a long time so… how is life? Well… since it’s September: I have to go back to Uni again; A new semester is starting. I’m looking forward and I’m motivated to study and do my thing, so I guess it’s all good :) 
You know, I have the same goals every summer holiday: “This semester I’m going to do my best and work my a** off!” So let’s see if that’s gonna happen this time, cause I’m never really satisfied with what I do cause I don’t feel like I give my all when I study; I always feel like I can do better than what I do -.-‘ *Lazy-person-issues…* 

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Let’s talk about what I’m looking forward to next month: I’m actually looking forward for uni to start; the summer vacation has been too long and if I dont study I just work, so I kinda miss studying compared to go to work at the moment :P
I’m also looking forward to a few new projects we are working on and experimenting with which we will tell you guys more about later..! :D 

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So what was the best of August? Well.. my biggest achievement for August was: WORKING. I’ve been working almost the whole summer holiday which feels good! Another favorite of August is I’ve been reading a lot of books which I enjoy so much: It just gives this inner peace that I really enjoy! <3 What else? I’ve got to chill with friends a lot and that has been amazing! I love the people I have around me and I couldn’t be more grateful! Also because I’ve been at my parents’ place a lot while working I had the chance to hang with the friends over there, so it was easier to plan and chill! :D Let me show you my instaUpdate:
Billede 01-09-2016 21.55.48
I hope you’ve all had a great August month and I hope your September will be even better! Take Care <3 

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