February Mood-board: It’s all about Love

Hello guys!
It’s finally a new month: Hello February <3
Seriously I feel like January 2020 was like forever. It was so looooong. But I’m so happy for a new month and I’m ready with a new mood board. So February is Valentines-day-month and you know it’s all about love! I thought my focus for this month is going to be: self-love! I’m going to take time for myself to work on myself and my goals more properly than usual. Let’s start off with the mood board and then I’ll explain my thoughts on self-love:

So this month is about:
– Treat myself with skincare, good food and dress well
– Workout
– Read
– Be more mindfull
– Dont be too harsh on myself: I’m good enough and I’m doing my best
– Take care of my mind, body and soul is actually the overall goal. It’s not that I’m not going to do that the rest of my life but I’m going to focus extra on this area this month! :) Self-love is something I need to practice way more and make it more into a habit and I’m going to do my best this month to do that in a way more positive way.

At first when hearing about self-love I was thinking you know treating myself with material stuff for example or eating unhealthy food was a way of showing myself love cause I did whatever I felt like doing or eating. But I realized that’s actually the opposite: I have to treat my body well, take care of myself well: which means not spending a bunch of money and eat food that is good for my body, work out, do some skincare, meditation, give myself some alone-time etc. You probably get it by now :P I just want to be more aware of that. Especially have a way more positive self-talk. That has a lot to do with self-love too: talking good about yourself to yourself. You know be your own best friend and really be there for yourself. These are the things I’m practicing and going to practice more of this month <3

Take care <3


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