Fall Vibes 2016

Hello guys!
Since it’s Fall I just wanted to share with you 12 things that I love about fall. I hope you guys like it ^_^

1. Scarves

2. Green Tea

3. Reading

4. Writing (Journal, To-Do- Lists…)

5. String Lights

6. Candles

7. Hot Chocolate with marshmallows

8. Rainy days

9. Vision Boards

10. Cosy Nights

11. “Tumblering” (Motivation & Inspiration)

12. Late night tea and scheduling

 photo IMG_7702_zpsealnkowm.jpg

 photo IMG_7690_zpsrxlgh8gf.jpg

 photo IMG_7276_zpsufhvu5hq.jpg

 photo IMG_7707_zpsjhqnu1wx.jpg

 photo IMG_7709_zpsgfyjgmon.jpg

 photo IMG_7763_zpsxcngrmc8.jpg

 photo IMG_7766_zpsn8ow6y2s.jpg

 photo IMG_8668_zps5sjednd5.jpg

 photo IMG_8638_zpsfloz7771.jpg
 Take Care <3

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