Fall Office Look

Hello Everyone! 
Blazers have never really been my style, cause I didn’t feel comfortable and I didn’t feel like myself when I tried to wear them. THEN one day in my summer vacation in UK my bestie told me to try a blazer and I felt surprisingly GOOD in it. One of the most important thing about the outfit is that you feel good about yourself and comfortable and I did this time! And now I kinda love wearing blazers! I think I just needed to give a chance and try it out and be a little bit more open minded when it comes to clothing :-) 
Top: H&M // Jeans: GinaTricot // Shoe: Primark // Blazer: VeroModa // Cardigan: Selected
 photo IMG_0115_zpsi5j7cmcd.jpg
 photo IMG_0116_zps6nhoymml.jpg
 photo IMG_0119_zpsxkrwcyne.jpg
 photo IMG_0123_zpsib081eux.jpg
 photo IMG_0130_zps2rco1zga.jpg
 photo IMG_0133_zpsgeu04v6x.jpg

 photo IMG_0144_zpsojmoissi.jpg
 photo IMG_0152_zps4xcxkr36.jpg

 photo IMG_0104_zpspb6kupb9.jpg

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