Everything I was I carry with me, everything I will be lies waiting on the road ahead

Hi guys! 
Summer vacation is almost over and I think this is almost one of the last posts from summer 2016 xD I’m still behind with the posts and I have 3-4 more posts in stock for you guys, but I’m still editing them and figuring out when to post them :-P 
Today I’ve got some photos from Legoland :D Legoland is always a nostalgic place to go to because my family and I always used to go to Legoland every summer and surprisingly enough I’m still not tired of going there :-P I love it there, it’s cosy and they have some good donuts XD 
 photo Legoland_Billund4220_zpsafqfblx3.jpg
 photo Legoland_Billund4228_zpsfeqo3mq8.jpg
 photo Legoland_Billund4260_zpsguq7d10t.jpg
 photo Legoland_Billund4196_zpsjdvvu3vr.jpg
 photo Legoland_Billund4182_zpsil4ejmt3.jpg
 photo Legoland_Billund4264_zps3axfcm8d.jpg
 photo Legoland_Billund4280_zpsfr4g2snk.jpg
 photo Legoland_Billund4177_zpsxjsiactx.jpg
 photo Legoland_Billund4175_zpsuyhqesoj.jpg
 photo Legoland_Billund4266_zps9ck79hc9.jpg

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