Embracing those curls

Hello guys!
Today I thought I would talk about haircare since I haven’t never really done that on the blog. Lately I’ve been embracing my “curls/waves” or whatever it is that I have :P I actually used to really not like my hair. I used to admire straight silky hair. You know we always want what we dont have so yeah I wanted straight hair :P But straightening my hair every day or every second day was really damaging my hair and also it was very time consuming to straighten it since it has gotten so long. I am actually thinking about cutting my hair but let’s talk about that in another blogpost if that happens :P
After trying to wear these curls/waves I’m actually starting to enjoy it. It’s not that bad as I felt like it was. It did take me some time to understand how to embrace and use the curls/waves I have. I’m kinda still struggling but it’s getting better :P I’ve also noticed that my hair is less damaged and less frizzy after I’ve stopped or not stopped but since I’m not straightening my hair as much as I used to do.
I thought I would share the products I’m currently using and what I do so far. If you guys have any advice, tips or product suggestions to curly hair then please let me know! I would love to know more about curly hair! xD
But for now I am using the following products:
– Shea Moisture Coconut Curl Smoothie
– Cantu – Comeback Curl Next Day Curl Revitalizer
– Curl Girl Nordic Curling Get (step 5)

I know there are a lot more products that you can use and also I’ve heard that hair oil would be good and also some use hairspray as the last step as well. I’ve tried hair oil which felt nice. I mean my hair looked healthier. I’m not a big fan of using hairspray cause I dont like how my hair feels when applying hairspray when I have loose hair. If I put my hair up in a ponytail I do use a hairspray though ^^


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