Elizabeth Arden LipStick Review


Hello everyone! :D

It’s finally time for a makeup lipstick review! As I showed you guys on my instagram and previous post I got to buy a Elizabeth Arden BeautyKit as a birthday gift! :D And I finally got to try out the lipstick AND I’m simply in love with this one! It’s so smooth when you apply it to your lips and it stays for a long time! And the color is pretty! XD So I’m pretty satisfied with this one! :D Have a look:

2014-11-18 03.04.39

And now without filters:


And I tell you guys… this is the exact same day as my previous post about my eyebrows so that’s why my eyebrows are thinker than usual, since I was experimenting with that earlier the same day and if you didn’t read my previous post I’ll tell you: These eyebrows are probably never gonna happen again :P  Maybe I’m drawing the eyebrows wrong so I should maybe do some research on that.. dunno! :P  BUT the lipstick guys is AMAZING! I LOVE it! And I definitely think it’s worth the money!! <3 :D

Oh btw! I’m thinking about changing my haircolor again… just to my usual..u know the black hair :P I’m not sure but mhm I really miss my black hair I guess?! :D I wanted to try dyeing my hair brown for so long and now I’m kinda already getting tired of it xD Ok never mind, I just thought you should know my random thought :P hehe

Take Care Everyone <3 :D


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