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Hello guys!

A few days ago we celebrated my sister’s birthday! It was very laid back and chill. At first mom and I decided to buy some dessert/cake and then we made some salads and more desserts. After cutting the cake and unpacking presents we went out to eat for dinner and then watched Annabelle 2 at the cinema. I wasn’t impressed with Annabelle 1 but this one I actually did like. I felt tensed all most the whole movie, which means they did a good job on the movie :P I’ve got some pictures from her birthday, mostly the food actually :P

 photo IMG_1396_zpsow0lvutw.jpg
 photo IMG_1413_zpspzse7m9z.jpg
 photo IMG_1379_zps33kuvueg.jpg
 photo IMG_1378_zpseaor2le2.jpg
 photo IMG_1376_zpsxmp720oq.jpg
 photo IMG_1375_zpsr55rfvkj.jpg
 photo IMG_1374_zpsrlgwpyny.jpg
 photo IMG_1373_zpsv68kytnh.jpg
 photo IMG_1365_zpsf99qvuk0.jpg
 photo IMG_1351_zpseeffx250.jpg
 photo IMG_1350_zpst7emylbf.jpg

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