Den Gamle By – Århus

Hello guys! ^_^
Last week we went to “Den Gamle By” in Århus; it was actually kind of spontaneous. We were to a birthday party the day before and the next day we just wanted to chill together, so we were hanging out at a friend’s place first and then we went out to see “Den Gamle By”. It is named “The Old Town” which is an open air museum of urban culture in the city Aarhus; You can see how the houses were and the lifestyle of 1500’s to 1900’s (That’s what Wikipedia says :P). Let me show you: 

 photo IMG_0443_zpsqegnf8ux.jpg

 photo IMG_0459_zpsmvwgneld.jpg

 photo IMG_0468_zpsb18fgf3k.jpg

 photo IMG_0480_zpsbe5z4iqw.jpg

 photo IMG_0476_zpsqmlwy3m4.jpg

 photo IMG_0475_zpsjusmcjte.jpg

 photo IMG_0474_zpslnddhobo.jpg

 photo IMG_0471_zpshp5bgefo.jpg

 photo IMG_0469_zpset0mug6n.jpg

 photo IMG_0457_zps8so7ovrb.jpg

 photo IMG_0461_zpsgtdcta9p.jpg

 photo IMG_0452_zpsmyjmxcep.jpg

 photo IMG_0451_zpswx1hyn4f.jpg

 photo IMG_0450_zps9fvfy2dx.jpg

 photo IMG_0449_zpshcdsewtd.jpg

 photo IMG_0448_zpsu56w8w9v.jpg

 photo IMG_0447_zpsqunxez6r.jpg

 photo IMG_0445_zpsp8yqnvod.jpg

 photo IMG_0466_zpshhqltxi2.jpg

 photo IMG_0465_zpsw26pqnmb.jpg

 photo IMG_0463_zpswzpzaflk.jpg

 photo IMG_0462_zps6welf6cc.jpg

 photo IMG_0454_zpsm9vjcf0l.jpg

 photo IMG_0442_zpspjq9jtci.jpg

 photo IMG_0440_zpsjgisbi8t.jpg

 photo IMG_0438_zps1wrx2ca6.jpg
Photos taken by Pradaph

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