Café Ziggy

Hello guys! :)
So the other day a friend of mine and I went out to eat brunch at Café Ziggy. I loved the brunch and also the way the café was decorated. Let me show you: 
 photo IMG_0419_zpsuepbhcth.jpg

 photo IMG_0420_zpsf5kzm5oe.jpg

 photo IMG_0421_zps4p2rd17c.jpg

 photo IMG_0422_zps3bnxdgea.jpg

 photo IMG_0423_zpsmmmjsw3g.jpg

 photo IMG_0424_zps4ygk11io.jpg

 photo IMG_0427_zpsxgwww1z6.jpg

 photo IMG_0428_zpsklouojql.jpg

 photo IMG_0431_zpsdrsfs3ih.jpg


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